Windows Live Mobile Client

Windows Live Mobile Client 1.0.9000

Access Windows Live on your Pocket Live


  • Enables rapid connection to Windows Live
  • Syncs your contacts to your phone
  • Highly customizable
  • Home screen plug-in


  • Lacks contact management features

Very good

Microsoft has been busy of late ramping up its Windows Live offering, and now all of these communication tools are available in one place on your Pocket PC.

Windows Live for Mobile provides you with instant access to Windows Live tools from within your device. It's designed to make it easier for you to stay in touch with your contacts on Hotmail and Windows Live Spaces, as well as performing web searches. The app even lets you download and sync your Windows Live contacts with your mobile phone.

The installation process for Windows Live for Mobile is a very straightforward one, and simply involves entering your Windows Live ID and following the set-up wizard. You're given the option to import all of your Hotmail contacts, which will then show up on the device itself, allowing you to email them or chat via Live Messenger (which needs a separate install) from your contacts menu.

Whenever you launch Windows Live for Mobile, your Hotmail inbox will be displayed along with a Windows Live Search bar. If you're a fan of Microsoft services this is ideal and makes for a great starting point for the Internet on your mobile. This Windows Mobile version of Windows Live for Mobile also includes a home screen plug-in that displays your newest emails and adds a Live Search bar.

Windows Live for Mobile is fully customizable allowing you to tweak email settings, schedule syncs, alter what is displayed on the home screen, and much more. I felt it could've done with more options for managing contacts within the program though.

If you're a user of the Windows Live services then you can't afford to be without Windows Live for Mobile on your PDA.

Windows Live Mobile Client


Windows Live Mobile Client 1.0.9000

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